All the things you truly long for,

because right now you're overwhelmed, 

stressed, and just plain busy.

You’ve got friends that seem to have it all together, all the time, right? Guess what...

  • Maybe it’s a today-to-do list on the back of a bill you need to pay. 
  • Or you dove head first into iPhone/Google Calendar reminders, only to never use them after the first week. 
  • Oh, how about the dozens of planners you’ve tried and left behind, because the customized pages that attracted you in the first place were ones you never actually used? 

Do you ever feel like your life is spinning out of control because there's always so much to do, and no possible way to stay on top of it all?

It’s not because they have some sixth sense about things that you don’t.

It’s not because they’ve hired people to do things they don’t want to do, or have time for.

It’s not because you have done anything wrong!

It’s because you haven’t found the right method for you.

And that’s what makes bullet journaling so perfect.

Then you're ready for bullet journaling.

  • Tried 'home binders', downloading every printable under the sun, but stopped short because you know you need a real system behind it to make it work.
  • Had separate notebooks for different topics such as one for books to read, one for meal planning, one for habit tracking... but either misplaced or ignored them after a while.
  • Hesitated to purchase any planning or journaling tools because you just felt like none of it fit your life and needs.



Yes, it's different. But the beauty of this system is that you can make it your own, play with designs, get organized, track habits, and so much more if you remember one thing: It’s just a notebook.

  • A notebook with the potential to be more precious to you than that diary you kept as a pre-teen.
  • A notebook you’ll turn to when you’re feeling frustrated, fearful, and worn out.
  • A notebook that will end up being the one piece of your life that you know will allow you the time and space to breathe and focus on what matters... LIVING!

The reality is, bullet journaling can change your life.

As the founder of the popular website,, I am super passionate about helping women everywhere create a simpler and more organized life.

I know what it's like to be totally overwhelmed by your day-to-day responsibilities, and how much you rely on a planning system (whether it's digital or paper or somewhere in between) to stay on top of it all. 

Except, I could never find "the one planner" that was customized enough to help me manage everything I needed to do. As a result, my systems were scattered all over the pace, and I spent more time shuffling between different notebooks, apps, and sticky notes than actually getting things done. 

Then one day, everything changed.

I stumbled upon some bullet journaling layouts while scanning Pinterest. They were gorgeously simple, yet fully customizable because it’s entirely up to the owner to personalize the system to their needs. Instead of juggling multiple planning methods like before, I could keep my planner, to-do lists, and every note or idea I ever had, all in one place, according how I needed them to function!

I've seen the difference bullet journaling has made in my own life, and I finally feel like my life organized and under control.


Let me help you find clarity, focus, and balance too.




But most of all, you'll learn how to set up a personalized planning system that simplifies your life, helps you manage all your day-to-day responsibilities in addition to long-term goals, and supports your own personal growth journey, so you can be the wife, mom, friend, daughter, and person you've always wanted to be. 

  • DESTROY 'blank page fear' and set up your journal for success from the very beginning (also includes a set up checklist!)
  • CHOOSE which notebooks and other supplies are best for your needs
  • UNDERSTAND the crucial elements to include (and what isn't so important, too).
  • MAINTAIN your journal without spending hours on it.
  • IMPLEMENT advanced tips and tricks to take your journal to the next level
  • PROBLEM-SOLVE when your journal isn't quite working for you.

With Brainbook, you will discover how to:

There are tons of places online where you can try to learn this method of planning and journaling, but Brainbook puts everything you need to know all in one comprehensive guide, laying it all out for you step by step.

In other words, you'll finally feel more put-together.

I’ve spent years looking at bullet journaling online, wishing I️ knew how the system worked or where to begin. Year after year, I️ spent precious time and money on yet another planner that ended up not working the way I needed. In walks Brainbook! Kalyn explains and demonstrates how to make bullet journaling work for me. No more wasted time or money, and a more organized, peaceful life.

Stephanie Campbell

I really enjoyed Brainbook, and wish I had access to this book when I first discovered the world of bullet journaling. The way it it is written is beautiful and the step-by-step nature of the guide gives you the confidence to jump in and start your Brainbook right away!

Honey Reese

As soon as I finished reading Brainbook, I couldn't wait to create my own. I like to plan ahead and make lists, but I've never found a planner that works for me. As a small business owner and mom, my planner needs are constantly changing. I can't stick to one planner system for an entire year. With Brainbook I don't have to. 

I can customize my planner to whatever I need and change it on the fly. Brainbook finally brings that creativity and freedom I need to a planner. I love how Kalyn explained step by step how to create and maintain my own planning journal. She explained all the basics and beyond. Finally, I've stopped using post-it notes, random journals, and the notes apps on my phone to track ideas and to do lists. Now, I keep everything in one place in my Brainbook. It really is my external brain!

Jackie Hernandez

As an artist and creative, running multiple businesses as well as my family, I knew I needed something totally customizable that would still be extremely functional for my often crazy schedule.

Into my life came Brainbook and bullet journaling! Kalyn puts it all into easy to follow directive, and what I love the most is how I get to really spend some 'me time' being artsy and creative AND organized all at the same time. Triple threat! 

Lara Kulpa

Brainbook is an amazing, easy-to-follow guide that will lay down the basics for creating a functional organization system, while still inspiring you to embrace your creativity and make it all your own! I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to up their planning game with a system that truly works.

Katie Scott


Jot down notes from a work lunch. Record key insights as you read a book. Brainstorm ideas for your next house project. Or simply scribble down things you need to remember later.

Want to drink more water? Read a book a week? End a bad habit? Make sure to take your medications? Create new habits or set goals and track them every day.

Ever wish you could just remember how you felt when something happened? Think about your dreams and ideas that fill your head—wouldn't it be great to just have a place to 'dump' them? You can, as simply or as artfully as you desire.

Literally plan ANYTHING. There are millions of ideas you can copy and modify to make your own, but you'll find yourself creating plans and spreads that are 100% originally YOU.

To do lists. To don't lists. Birthdays. Grocery shopping. Holiday gifts. Meal plans. Pantry or freezer inventory. Movies to see. Crafts or projects to make. Lists of ANYTHING you want to keep in one place.

No. After purchase, you will download all files in PDF format.

How do I use the printable templates?

Are these physical books that will be shipped to my house?

What if I'm not happy with my purchase?

How do I give Brainbook as a gift?

I'm confident you will love your ebook and companion guide, but if for any reason you change your mind, send an email to within 30 days and I'll issue you a full refund, no questions asked!

I use a Leuchtturm1917 A5 size, which I purchased from Amazon. You can use any dot-grid or graph notebook, in any size that fits your budget.

The download isn’t working, can you help?

If you have any problems with the download at all, please email with your purchase receipt and someone on my team will be happy to help you out!

You can print templates on regular paper to use inside a 3-ring binder, OR if you use a bound journal, print templates on sticker paper and trim to fit. All that's left to do is peel and stick!

Where can I get a good starter journal?

At checkout, you have the option to click a small "gift icon" and send your purchase to someone else. OR, you can have Brainbook spiral bound at an office supply store and insert into a bullet journaling basket, complete with journal and pen!

Take charge of your life with the ONLY planning system capable of managing it all.

All files are an instant digital download